New hot air balloon design that incorporates wings to be able to steer the hot air balloon

New in technology and developments in Hot Air Ballooning

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We are thrilled to announce a revolutionary breakthrough in hot air balloon technology - a steerable hot air balloon!

Cameron Balloons, a renowned name in the realm of cutting-edge aeronautical design, has recently unveiled a new type of hot air balloon that revolutionises the sport as we know it.

This unparalleled latest innovation introduces steering capabilities to the world of hot air ballooning, transforming not only the overall experience but also expanding the horizons in terms of possibilities and applications.

Virgin Balloon Flights, a leading hot air balloon operator, is proud to be the very first to implement and utilise this ground-breaking new advanced technology, offering passengers and adventurers an entirely new level of control, stability, and excitement as they gracefully navigate the skies.

As we witness the dawn of a new era in hot air ballooning, adventure enthusiasts and aspiring aviators alike can look forward to an enhanced and enthralling experience that was once thought to be unattainable in the world of lighter-than-air travel.

Cameron Balloon's “B-Wing” launching this season at Virgin Balloon Flights, utilises the fluid mechanics of Bernoulli's principle so you can steer your balloon in flight.

This will allow pilots to target any destination in your hot air balloon.

Incorporating the addition of fins angled at 30° from horizontal, pilots will be able to steer the craft over particular landmarks.

Using the rotation vents to orientate the balloon, the pilot can now fly either forward or backward when the balloon is put into a fast ascent or descent.

This will enable pilots to fly over specific areas of interest or to fly into a desired landing site with ease.

We are incredibly proud to have worked with Cameron Balloons as the first passenger balloon operator to use this innovative new technology, with flights launching shortly.

MJ Ballooning will be providing flight updates for the launch.

COMING SOON: The newest, and hottest, form of transport on the block, get ready to #HailABalloon

Hot air balloon ordering application

Imagine a world where travelling isn't restricted to the ground, where journeys are not only made to reach destinations but also provide unparalleled experiences.

We are excited to announce a revolutionary new application allowing you to do just that!

With the ability to order a hot air balloon to pick you up and take you wherever you need to go, our cutting-edge app opens up a whole new world of transportation options.

Gone are the days of noisy, traffic-filled commutes; now, you can soar through the skies in style and take in breathtaking views from above.

Designed with ease of use and convenience in mind, this innovative app is the ultimate travel solution for those who value adventure and are looking for unique experiences.

Not only are we excited about the innovation of our new in-technology balloon, but also for our new in-technology app!

New balloon. New routes. And most importantly, a new way of thinking about travel.

Embark on a delightful journey with a simple tap on your phone, and let this pioneering app transport you to new heights!

Get ready to slow down, escape normalcy, and explore somewhere different.

Now for the biggest question… Where will you go?

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