Another fun-packed weekend saw one of our Virgin hot air balloons flying at the Northampton Town Festival 2019. With 44,000 visitors and 105 balloon flights, the organisers and our pilot, Pete Philpott, consider the event a success.

Fantastic weather, big crowds, and an organised event contributed to a very successful weekend, according to Pete. With sunny, calm skies on his side, he launched all 6 scheduled flights. The photos below portray both the joy and the beauty of flying over the festival grounds.

Take a glimpse at the landscapes below as our pilot steers the big red Virgin balloon. You will see the Ferris wheel looking tiny from the height at which balloons fly, and this will also give you an impression of how calm the weather has been. The trees below look still and beautifully aligned in the glowing sun.

Highlights of a successful festival

Excited passengers were ready to fly on Friday evening, and our pilot made sure to give them an amazing experience. By the time the sun was setting, they had packed the balloon, and you could see the enjoyment on their faces.

On the Nightglow evening, enchanted participants could admire 6 balloons and 8 more baskets displaying their charm against the night sky. One of the most beloved highlights of any such festival or balloon fiesta, the Nightglow crowned what had already proved to be a great weekend.

Northampton Town Festival 2019 offered not only balloon flights but live music, a giant funfair, food stalls, and bars. Among other specific attractions, the organisers prepared stunts, motorbike displays, and fireworks to fuel up the fun.

Today, after wrapping up the event, organiser John Tyrrell said:

"Really pleased to have Virgin Balloon Flights as the rides operator, and Peter Philpott, the Virgin pilot, is just GREAT!"