The calendar says March 25. Panic! It is exactly one month until Marathon Day!

As Virgin Balloon Flights’ marathon representative, I’ll be running the Shakespeare Marathon (Stratford upon Avon) in aid of Macmillan on April 25, 2010.

Our lovely call-centre staff has been mildly amused seeing me jog off enveloped in Lycra© for my lunchtime 5 milers, which luckily seem to be paying off as I survived my first half marathon at the weekend. Yay!

Just like Virgin’s very own Bob Fear, who is running the Virgin London Marathon, also on April 25, for Virgin Unite along with Sir Richard Branson himself, I’m in the final 4 weeks of training hell. The difference is that Bob and Sir Richard will be amidst a whopping 36,000 runners and will be lucky enough to see the brand new 70ft Virgin Money hot air balloon that has been specially commissioned by Virgin Balloon Flights to support the event.

My Virgin Money Giving page has made fundraising a doddle and gives everyone a chance to learn what all this running is in aid of whilst my training blog describes the ongoing agony.

Virgin Balloon Flights will be supporting both myself and Bob Fear’s fundraising efforts by holding charity auctions for hot air balloon rides.

Thanks VBF :-)