Everyone loves to find a big box-shaped present sitting under the tree on Christmas morning. Go on, admit it, you might pretend you’re interested in the little ones, but really you’re angling for the big’un.

Presents are kept firmly under lock and key until Christmas morning in our house. That’s largely because I can’t resist having a little shake and squeeze.

Here at VBF we believe it’s our duty to indulge all the big present peekers out there, which is why we offer our lovely Christmas balloon in a box.

As you know, our ballooning season doesn’t begin until March, so we wanted to make sure our future flyers have a little something to unwrap on Christmas day.

Encased in a festive candy themed box, the helium balloon (emblazoned with a ‘Merry Christmas’ message) pops out when the recipient opens the box. The flight vouchers are attached to the end of the balloon string.

Balloons in a box are posted out first class between 16th and 20th December to make sure the balloon is still nice and plump on Christmas morning.

Here’s a little video of one of our Valentine's balloons floating out of the box. Hopefully, it’ll give you a taster of what your recipient can expect on Christmas day.

Now all that’s left to worry about is batting off those pesky present peekers. It’s always tricky to throw them off the scent so make sure you’ve got a good hiding place in mind.

If you want to treat someone to a special gift this Christmas call 01952 212750 or visit www.virginballoonflights.co.uk today. You can also check out our balloon flight gifts here!