Hot Air Balloon Ride Celebrations – A Father, Daughter Story:

Nina wanted the perfect day out with her dad before getting married. The father and daughter duo have always loved rollercoasters and outdoor activities, so when she discovered there was a hot air balloon flight scheduled just a few days before her wedding day, it seemed like it was meant to be.

I bought the voucher last year for my dad’s birthday. Our first flight was cancelled due to bad weather and when I managed to re-book, it just so happened to be a week before my wedding.

“The timing couldn’t have been more perfect; I managed to keep it a secret to surprise my dad – it was very symbolic being the last thing we did before he gave me away.”

The Big Reveal

Growing up, Nina and her dad were inseparable, always doing something outdoorsy together.

On the day of their flight, Nina drove her dad to their Belton Woods launch site.

“I was very intrigued about what Nina was plotting (it was so like her to surprise me), but the result couldn’t have been better,” says Michael.

“I couldn't believe it when we pulled up, and I saw the balloon laid out on the lawn. It’s a precious memory that I will never forget.”

On the day of her wedding, Michael got Nina back for the surprise hot air balloon trip by singing the emotional father-daughter ballad I loved her first.

Michael also has many funny stories of how he was a typical embarrassing dad.

“Nina and I would always play jokes on each other. We would put books on doors, objects in pillows, and I always tried to embarrass her by tying her boyfriends’ shoelaces together when she was a teenager.”

A Hot Air Balloon Flight is the Perfect Gift

Both Michael and Nina say they’d recommend their experience to everyone.

“I think a hot air balloon ride would make a great wedding gift as it feels like a special occasion when you are up there. My husband definitely wants to go on a flight as he felt a bit left out on the day,” laughs Nina.

“All our family and friends couldn’t wait to see the photos from our trip – they all want to go on a flight now, too. I would most definitely buy it as a gift for someone,” says Michael.

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