So lets put a few FAQs to bed with simple no-nonsense answers. Firstly we can assure you a flight with Virgin Balloon Flights will cause exceptional exhilaration and ear to ear grinning in the air! How long is the flight? You’ll be in the air for around an hour dependent upon weather conditions and suitable landing areas, but the whole experience lasts for approximately 4 hours. You will get to help with the inflation of the balloon and prepare for take off as well as enjoying a full pilot briefing and a lovely glass of bubbly afterwards. How high does the balloon go? Every launch site area has different variations of height depending upon the county/ area, weather conditions and time of year flown. So between around 2000 and 5000 feet is a realistic height to expect, no matter how high you go you’ll see amazing views! You can even get to know our hand-picked pilots before meeting them. You can read about their ballooning adventures and achievements, simply by clicking on their Polaroid picture to discover their wonderfully interesting stories!