Remembering a Loved One

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This must have been a very emotional moment for our recent passenger Craig as his hot air balloon story is very different from the birthday celebrations, proposals, and bucket list moments that people normally use as a reason to book a ride.

Craig with a hot air balloon tattoo in remembrance.

18 years ago, Craig and his family were with their Dad who was very poorly at his home. As they were together, they looked out of the window to see a Virgin Hot Air Balloon flying over.

Shortly after they’d seen the balloon, unfortunately, Craig’s Dad passed away.

A hot air balloon always reminds Craig of his Dad, so he got a tattoo of one to signify the importance that his Dad played in his life.

A hot air balloon tattoo

Life is so short that we need to take these opportunities when we can and create memories of the ones we love.

Thank you for sharing, Craig.

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