The UK is a beautiful country. We have some of the most iconic cities- there is no denying London's status as one of the world's most spectacular places to live or visit, but our countryside is also stunning. There is something for everyone from ancient woodlands to soaring mountain peaks, waterfalls to meadows to white sandy beaches. Of course, we might not always have the best weather on the globe, but that's what makes the British countryside so beautifully lush and green.

The very best thing about the British countryside is that often it's not far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The Peak District is just on the fringes of Derby and Manchester. It's just a short drive from industrial Manchester to the craggy peaks of North Wales. Even those who live in central London can escape to the New Forest for a Saturday picnic if they know where to go.

Hidden treasures

There are hidden rural treasures and even patches of real wilderness dotted all over the country. The trick is getting out and finding these hidden gems. You could buy a map and investigate the landscape around your city bit by bit, but there is a much better way- balloon flights are the best, simplest, and without doubt the most spectacular answer.

In a hot air balloon, the landscape unfolds underneath you. Instead of seeing all the pieces separately, the viewers in a balloon can see it as it really is, tracing the course of streams and seeing the woods and fields from above. Go high enough and you could even see the nearest city nestled into a green blanket of grass and trees. You might really be able to see your house from up there.

No matter where you are in the UK, we'll almost certainly be able to arrange a balloon ride near you. There is rarely any need to travel for hundreds of miles. Whilst there are some truly outstanding areas of natural beauty within our national boundaries we also believe that there are few places where a balloon won't show you something really special. Every piece of the UK has hidden treasures to show off.

Finding your personal patch of green

Hot air balloon rides in Bristol will let locals get a new perspective on the rolling hills of Somerset, on the broad expanse of the Severn, and even on the Welsh landscape over on the other side of the Channel. By the same token, a balloon ride near any town can reveal new views, new landscapes, and a new kind of beauty. There is always something interesting to lookout for.

It doesn't matter if you're just visiting an area, whether you've moved in from somewhere else, or if the balloon lifts off from just outside the town you were born in. It's impossible to say what new sites flying experiences might show and what new revelations they might bring. The only way to find out is to get up there in the balloon and see the landscape from a whole new angle.