Newlyweds Samantha and Phil from Manchester reached new heights during their honeymoon last week when they were able to hop on board one of our Hot air balloon rides in Manchester.

After getting married on the 18th of June, the date of their eight-year anniversary, the couple decided to book day trips and experience days involving things they’d always wanted to do.

Make Love an Adventure with Honeymoon Activities

From theme parks to zoos, it was certainly a week full of adventure, and the balloon flight was the perfect way to round off their honeymoon.

“A hot air balloon ride is something I’d always wanted to do,” said Samantha.

“Phil hadn’t even thought about it until I mentioned it, but said 'Let’s go for it'.”

Getting ready to go up, up and away from the City Airport and Heliport in Eccles, Manchester. Samantha and Phil were giddy with excitement.

“The inflation part of the experience was relatively easy and quite quick, to our surprise, as we both thought it would take a lot longer. We were just so excited to get involved and help.”

Floating on Air in the Blink of an Eye

Samantha tells us that she and Phil were surprised at how quickly they were up in the air.

“The launch was the bit we found unexpected to how we imagined. It was strange how one minute you were on the ground and the next you were just floating on air. Phil hadn't ever been on a plane before, so this was a big step for him - to see the look on his face was just priceless.

“The sensation was something similar to having butterflies. It's definitely a feeling we will never forget! It just didn't feel real and was like nobody else existed because of the silence.”

Rising Just After the Sun in Big Red Balloon

The couple were happy they’d picked a morning flight as they got to fly just after the sun had risen.

“There weren’t many clouds in the sky and the scenes were mesmerising especially with the view of Manchester city in the foreground. Being so familiar with Manchester, but seeing it from a different view was definitely eye-opening – I’ve never realised how scenic it is,” says Samantha.

Honeymoon Celebrations with Champagne

The traditional Champagne toast after landing was the perfect way to celebrate their final honeymoon experience day.

“We really enjoyed the champagne toast, it was a lovely finishing touch. It made the experience more of a celebration and an achievement,” said Samantha.

“It was at this point when we got to know how each of the other passengers had come to be on the hot air balloon too. It made the experience a little more personal and special upon receiving our certificates.”

The Most Magical Experience Ever….

Describing the experience in three words, the couple said it was, ‘Breath-taking, Unbelievable and Amazing’.

“All our friends and family have constantly been asking what the ride was like and asking to see our photos. Everybody wants to know all the details and is so happy that we did it! It’s been nice to relive the experience over and over by talking about it so much and showing off all our photos,” said Samantha and Phil.

“We would definitely fly again, thank you for what has been one of the most magical experiences of our lives.”

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