Youngsters Niamh Rhodes (L) and Grace Kerr (R) were delighted when our Yorkshire pilot Martin Collinson landed his balloon in one of the Rhodes family’s fields on Friday evening. The flight which took off from York Racecourse blissfully floated for around an hour before coming down to land to the delight of the girls.

The 120ft balloon envelope was welcomed down by the pair who were enjoying fundraising for Comic Relief wearing red clothes and supporting painted cheeks in aid of Red Nose Day.

“The girls were very excited and loved watching the balloon land. They simply loved the balloon and have talked about nothing else but going up in one one day and watching its impressive landing ever since. The balloon landed perfectly and the girls thought it was fabulous,” said Niamh’s Mum and field owner Jenny Rhodes.

On their efforts for Red Nose Day Jenny added “The girls feel sad for the children and families in Africa and understand the need to raise money to help them. They understand and worry about the mosquitos in particular and are very aware of raising money for special medicine and mosquito nets.”

Well done for fundraising girls, we hope to see you in the sky in the future!