Christmas is a busy old time, and there are only 4 weeks left until the big day. The little elves here at Virgin Balloon Flights are working hard to make sure all your special ballooning parcels are wrapped and safely delivered before the 25th.

Naturally, it’s the busiest time of the year for retailers, ourselves included, because we’re all vying for a hard-won spot on your Christmas shopping list.

I don’t know about you but I receive a little mountain of store promo flyers through my letterbox every morning – gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for the dog. Enough already.

As you know, Virgin Balloon Flights likes to do things a little differently. We don’t want to tell you that ballooning is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, or for your Mum or for your Great Uncle Eric. It might well be, but since ballooning is such a unique experience, I thought we’d help you in your present search by showing you how to sniff out a wannabe balloon passenger.

Therefore, I give you – the Top 5 ways to spot a would-be balloonist

At number 5, it’s the aspiring adventurer.

At any given opportunity, the ‘gift-ee’ will sit you down and spout about their spirit of adventure. They’ll repeatedly tell you about the heroic time they left home as a child and set up their own sock making business. Ballooning whets the taste buds of any aspiring adventurer because it will take them on a journey that’s different from any other.

Making a re-appearance at 4, it’s the timeless romantic.

Potential balloon passengers often harbour a romantic dream of soaring into the skies with a special person by their side. Ballooning is about sharing an experience and making memories together.

Coming in strong at number 3, the geography geek.

You know the kind of person – they’ve been to Stonehenge too many times and they know the exact coordinates of Lake Windermere. A balloon flight allows passengers to experience the beauty of the British landscape from the air. It’s an extraordinary way to see the countryside, towns and landmarks that lie beneath your basket.

At number 2, it's the creative spirit.

It’s always hard to pin down this kind of person. With a thirst for life and a distaste for dullness, they seem to go wherever the wind takes them. Ballooning is an unpredictable sport. The views our passengers see are always changing because it’s impossible to predict an exact flight path. This is why we love ballooning, there’s a new discovery waiting behind every launch.

And finally, the number 1 spot goes to the deserving recipient.

Sometimes we’re guilty of getting carried away at Christmas. We find ourselves madly dashing through shops and supermarkets to make sure that the day is special for everyone. I always tell myself that I won’t visit a single shop on Christmas Eve, but every year there I am (usually amongst the male population of Shropshire) grabbing my sticky tape and the last of the wrapping paper.

It might feel fraught at the time but we do it because we want to treat and surprise the people that we care about. The perfect present is priceless, which is why it’s important to give something special to the person that’s special to you.

If you want to treat someone this Christmas call 01952 212750 or visit to book a hot air balloon flight today.