Treat Mum To The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

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When your mum is a force of nature, give her a Mother's Day gift that offers her a truly sky-high adventure....a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride experience!

Our hot air balloon rides are perfect for any occasion but come into their own for those special occasions. The feeling of freedom, leaving your troubles behind (if only for a few hours!) as you float through the skies whilst enjoying gorgeous views is something all mums deserve.

We're proud to have been helping people take life higher for over 25 years now so we know a thing or two about balloon rides! We're also the only balloon ride provider to operate nationally so our locations are often closer than you think.

The experience of a lifetime

Your mum won't just get a balloon ride, she'll enjoy a full-on outdoor adventure! Upon arrival at the launch site, she’ll meet the pilot and crew who’ll go through a flight safety briefing. She'll then be invited to help with the inflation of the balloon. While this is optional, we highly recommend getting stuck in, it’s great fun! And besides, is there anything a mum can't do?!

Once the balloon is ready, all that’s left to do is climb into the basket. Then it's time to switch off and enjoy the fantastic scenery as the balloon floats up, up and away. Each one of our launch sites has been selected to be perfect whichever way the wind blows. However, no two flights are ever the same so each one is truly unique, just like your mum!

After around an hour in the air, she’ll come back down to earth and have the chance to help with the deflation of the balloon. Then before being transported back to the launch site, it's time to celebrate the amazing experience in style with a glass of Prosecco.

Want to give your mum the skies?

Our flight vouchers are all you need! No matter which one you choose, all are valid for the same fabulous 3-4 hour experience.

Our National 7 Day Anytime voucher offers the most flexibility. It can be used for both morning and evening flights, 7 days a week from any of our 100+ locations.

If a glorious weekday morning flight sounds perfect for Mum, then why not take a look at our National Weekday Morning voucher? This one is valid for a morning flight only, Monday to Friday from any of our locations.

For a limited time only, you have the chance to make a fantastic saving of up to £50 on our National Weekday Morning voucher and fly for just £119 per person!

All Mums deserve the absolute best, they do so much and are always there for us. Show her your appreciation with this unforgettable Mother's Day gift!

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