Unique Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 - Our Favourites

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Time truly flies by when you are on a hunt for that perfect, unique Christmas gift.

We know how busy December can be. So we thought we would give a hand and help you with some great gift ideas.

You might even feel inspired to discover your perfect present to put under the Christmas tree.

Looking around for some of the best unique Christmas gift ideas, we chose these three categories.

We thought an experience, an eco-friendly, meaningful gift, or something they can use for a hobby would be more than just an object.

Each of these matters more in the long run than things you fit in a box, you wear once, or you eat once.

Many people seem to recently prefer giving presents which will leave a long-lasting impression, as market research shows.

Give Them Lifelong Memories

An experience will leave a longer-lasting expression than an object, no matter how pretty or valuable.

A jewellery set, a new pair of boots, or a lush set of cosmetic products all share the same fate.

Their lifespan is limited, and then we tend to forget we ever had them.

But an experience will create memories to last a lifetime.

Glamping in Somerset

Do they love the outdoors so much that they can barely stay away in the colder seasons?

Make them happy on Christmas Day with the promise of a Somerset Escape for Two at Wall Eden Farm.

If they prefer a different location, you can choose another similar experience from the same glamping category.

They will have something to look forward to in 2020.

We chose this particular location for a couple of reasons.

Staying in the Old Oak Glamping Pod, guests enjoy a more spacious accommodation than their usual pod.

Wall Eden has been a family-run farm since 1927.

Also, while enjoying a comfortable stay, guests can spend their time discovering the idyllic Somerset countryside.

Or they can decide to soak up and relax in the jacuzzi.

Comedy Night For Two

Give them a night of comedy magic they will remember.

Choose from 18 locations available across the UK, and send them out to laugh at their life with some of the finest stand-up comedians.

This Comedy for Two experience guarantees up to three top entertainers on stage for the night.

Also, certain locations provide an after-show party late into the night.

Luxury Christmas Hot Air Balloon Ride Gift Package For Two

If you want to impress them, put our luxurious Christmas Gift Package under the tree.

Let them unwrap an adventure they will always remember while they enjoy the extras on the spot.

They will indulge in the best Thornton chocolates and the bottle of sparkling on Christmas Day if they choose so.

And they will start planning for their exciting hot air balloon flight with one of our top pilots across 100 locations in the UK.

Unique Eco-Friendly Gifts

With the future of the planet so much on people’s minds, you might consider giving them something meaningful, and good for the environment.

We came across a few such options out there, and here are our favourites.

Bamboo Reusable Eat & Drink Kit

If they are conscious of the impact plastic waste has on the environment, this bamboo cutlery set could be the perfect gift.

With young people campaigning to reduce pollution and waste, many online influencers to promote a simpler, more environment-friendly lifestyle nowadays.

From YouTube videos to Instagram posts, many discuss solutions available to each of us.

Such is this set which we chose as a top pick in the quest for reducing waste.

Let them enjoy their lunch break with this reusable set.

They will go on a picnic and feel good about avoiding more plastic waste.

A unique and useful gift, it can even accompany them at parties, barbecues, or beach days out.

The Perfect Unique Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

If they are passionate about gardens, what better unique Christmas gift than a fruit tree for them to plant?

We chose these three favourites of what we’ve come across: a wild plum tree, a hazel tree, and a wild apple tree.

We loved the fact they travel in an eco bag – no plastic involved.

Also, you can use the extra bit of information provided on the website.

Each of these trees has its special meaning in Celtic mythology.

Use this information to make their gift even more special.

Making Something Unique For Christmas

Have they always had a knack for arts and crafts, but haven’t got around to properly starting a hobby?

You could kickstart it for them with a unique Christmas gift.

Sometimes taking the first steps into doing what you have always wanted feels the most difficult.

Pottery Starter Kit

With all the video tutorials available online today, starting a hobby from home seems easier than ever.

Give them this toolkit with all the essentials, and leave the rest to them.

With the 12.4 kg white earthenware clay, the glaze sample set, and the 10 wooden sculpting tools, they can start making their own pottery straight away.

Candle Making Box

If starting to learn pottery seems too much, making their candles might hold more appeal.

This kit contains all the essentials to magic out a pretty cup candle.

Using it might prove the perfect way to spend a relaxing and creative afternoon.

Our Top Favourite Unique Christmas Gift

Hillside Brewery combines the pleasure of a tasty, locally brewed ale, with the appeal of an experience.

This family-owned microbrewery in Gloucestershire offers a range of activities customers can enjoy alongside a refreshing drink.

From brewery tours to experience days, they put together an enticing mix that could be just the present you are looking for.

If we were to choose one experience, we would go for the half day Battle Zone Archery And Brewery Tour Package.

Give them the adrenaline pumping activity, and let them cool down with a tour and drinks tasting session.

With similar micro-breweries open across the country, you might find your own in your local area if this idea tickles your fancy.

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