With less than a week to go, we all want to make sure we have the right Valentine's Day gift for our other halves. Here at Virgin Balloon Flights, we know how draining the search for the perfect present can be. So we looked around for a few ideas to share with you and to help ease the pressure for you.

While going for chocolates and a bottle of their favourite drink sounds handy, you will impress them by putting more thought into the present you choose. Whether you’re buying for him, for her, or for both of you to share as a couple, we’ve selected gifts you can personalise for that extra special touch.

Get your Valentine’s Day gift sorted now. Or get inspired and find your perfect gift for your other half.

Gifts For Him

In this day and age, ladies take initiative and don’t wait by default to be approached. That is why we will start with a few ideas of 2020 Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

Sterling Silver Cufflinks… With A Surprise

To throw in just a little drop of vanity, we found these sterling silver cufflinks. They can be personalised with a set of coordinates and a hidden message on the reverse.

Give him these discrete and elegant accessories to wear on your romantic nights out. He will be thinking of you from the moment he is getting dressed for the date. That hidden message on the reverse can make all the difference in the world.

Why not have a little fun with the tradition of women proposing to their beloved on February 29th? Rush things up by only a couple of weeks and surprise him. Ask him to marry you in the hidden message on the reverse.

Reasons To Love Him

Are you feeling creative?

Would he rather appreciate a humorous gift?

Then you could have a bit of fun putting together this slate sign for him. Sometimes a little cheekiness and a good laugh are all it takes to make someone’s day.

Give it a go and make him giggle with this Valentine’s Day gift.

For The Well-Groomed Man

Gone are the times of men roaming around in rusty armours and extra layers of mud. While a rough, rebel style still has its appeal, men are no longer expected to look like warriors and explorers… all the time.

When buying for the well-groomed man in your life, only the best will do. It’s worth putting the effort into this rather than just buying a shower gel and deodorant from the local supermarket. Show him you appreciate his style well enough to buy this signature beard care box for him.

Pamper him with this personalised gift, then enjoy the results as he wears his beard with pride.

Gifts For Her

While many of us, regardless of gender, enjoy chocolate and even flowers, make this Valentine’s Day extra special with these inventive gifts.

For The Jewellery Lover

If she loves her jewellery, she no doubt possesses quite an impressive collection. This jewellery case will not only appeal to her sense of beauty but will also help her keep things organised when travelling.

So many of us enjoy going away on holidays. And trying to reduce luggage often proves a challenging task. Turn the challenge into pleasure, while you add that something special – her name or a message on the case.

Your Story, In Tokens

The incurable romantics will most appreciate this special gift.

Tell your story with these foiled tokens, and let her discover how much thought you put into selecting your most special memories. Then use them for special occasions or just beautiful moments the two of you spend together.

When you make her breakfast, leave one of the tokens by her mug. Sneak a token in her pocket on one of your special days. Or even put them on her car dashboard, her bathroom mirror shelf or her favourite spot on the sofa. Be creative and surprise her throughout the year, starting this Valentine’s Day.

Smile And Bring The Cheese

If she loves cheese (who doesn’t?!), give her the perfect accessories to enjoy it in style.

This personalised board will remind her of you every time she treats herself to her favourite cheeses. Why not add her favourites for the two of you to share with a glass of wine on the night? That’s if she will share, of course.

Gifts For Couples

We love a good experience day. How could we not, when as a company we offer one of the most uniquely romantic experiences around?

And the best way to spend an adventure day is in the company of somebody you love. So here are three gifts for you and your other half to enjoy together. Make one of them this Valentine's Day gift for you as a couple.

Cream Tea At Kew Gardens

A cream tea for two is a classic for a reason. You could enjoy such an afternoon at your local tea rooms, but why not make it truly special?

Book yourselves a day of enjoyment at one of the most beautiful places in London – Kew Gardens. Stroll across the greenery while admiring the landscapes and the greenhouses. While there, don’t miss The Royal Kitchens, The Palm House, The Princess of Wales Conservatory and The Hive.

Then take a break to savour your traditional treats in the Orangery.

Discover Bletchley Park

If you are one of those couples who love a mix of history and science, an afternoon tea for two at Bletchley Park might be just that special thing you are both looking for.

Spend your day exploring the restored huts where they cracked the enemy code during WWII. See where Alan Turing, supported by the teams working here, strove to understand what was considered an unbreakable communication code.

The delicious afternoon tea will only add a bit of culinary delight to an exciting day of exploration and discovery.

Take Love Higher With A Romantic Balloon Flight

With so many couples choosing us for their special days, our hot air balloon rides prove to be the most romantic type of experience around. Looking back at only last season, we fondly remember the engagements and anniversaries aboard our hot air balloons.

Buy flight vouchers for the two of you to take to the skies and make lifelong memories together. You could even secretly prepare to propose on the occasion!

Impress them by choosing one of our romantic packages as your Valentine's Day gift, to add just a little bit extra.

And if you are maybe less attracted to flying yourself, you could always buy them a voucher or a gift package for one.