Virgin Balloon Flights is delighted to introduce Tatiana Prudence Eboua a new sustainable forestry student at the TFT Centre of Social Excellence and the second person we have sponsored.

Following Raphael Tsanga's recent graduation, 30-year-old Tatiana is hoping to follow in his footsteps at the centre in the Congo Basin and help protect the tropical forest in the future

Just a few weeks ago our eager new scholar, from Libreville, Gabon, started her course after making it through a vigorous interview process. Already the proud possessor of a Masters Degree in Anthropology and a Post Masters specialisation in ‘Economy & Sustainable Forest with Environmental Resource Management,’ Tatiana believes the CSE can aid “…a solution to the problem of environmental degradation and allow the populations in the country to have a better quality of life.”

Here at Virgin Balloon Flights, we believe in supporting the forests alongside the well-being of real people in developing countries to enable education and therefore conservation of our natural world. Since 2009 we have been donating £1 for every ton of carbon our business created annually to the TFT’s Climate Tree Initiative choosing specifically to support the CSE project.

Tatiana is confident she will gain the qualifications through the CSE to successfully help manage forest economic objectives as well as ensure health and safety and cohabitation are significantly improved.

“When I join active work life, I would like to evolve in a setting allowing me to stay in contact with humans and nature, and the training at the CSE offers me this opportunity. I want to be a social officer, to help the promotion of an improved cohabitation between the different stakeholders, implicated in forest management and conservation (governments, companies, workers, and populations) with the main objective of respect and acknowledgement of principles, criteria, indicators and social, environmental as well as economic objectives of forest management”

“My message to Virgin … in helping the CSE, it is humanity as a whole that you are preserving. Thank you.”

We look forward to keeping you up to date with Tatiana’s progress through her classroom and work based study over the forthcoming months!