Yorkshire balloon pilot Martin Collinson who flies one of our iconic red hot air balloons over the county, yesterday celebrated ‘Yorkshire Day’ in style by flying the white rose flag! The celebration of Yorkshire promoting the historic English county has been commemorated since 1975 on the 1st of August each year. Virgin joined in the fun by being the only hot air balloon on Yorkshire’s skyline and boasted an all-Yorkshire pilot and crew. The flight launched from York Racecourse on Sunday evening for an hour long ride at around 3000 feet, they then landed on the banks of the River Derwent in a lovely grass field where the passengers packed away the balloon and enjoyed the usual Champagne toast. Passenger Robert Bell, 55 from Easingwold in York said “The flight was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. It was my first time in a hot air balloon and I was lucky enough to receive my flight voucher as a birthday gift from my wife and two children.” “The views were fantastic and I loved that we were just floating in mid-air. It’s surprising how quiet and peaceful it is when you’re up there,” he added. Yorkshire Day_100802 Not being from Yorkshire originally, Mr Bell, a construction manager in the north east, wasn’t familiar with celebrations for the county. We’re sure he won’t forget it now after his experience of a lifetime with Virgin Balloon Flights. Further information regarding Virgin Balloon Flights in Yorkshire is available here. We hope all you Yorkshire men and women enjoyed your celebrations.