We love to get involved with a bit of sports here and there at Virgin Balloon Flights (we need to, what with all of the cakes we’ve been eating recently!) but lately, we’ve decided to take a step back and leave it to the people who do it best. Don’t worry though, we’ll still be involved as we are now the sponsors of a girls' football team in Kent called the Tigers, grrr!

Virgin Balloon Flights have sponsored The Tigers’ official kit, which is orange and black (of course) along with the Virgin Balloon Flights logo across the front. We think it looks great, don’t you?!

The season has only just started, but the girls have already got the ball rolling with their first victory. But these girls don’t do things lightly, they won 13-1! We will be following the girls’ season and reporting back to the blog, take it as our very own Match of the Day, so keep an eye out for the latest fixtures and results! In the meantime, he’s a picture of the Tigers celebrating their victory. Let’s hope there’s lots more where that came from!