Since 1985 Comic Relief has been making the nation chuckle to raise funds for those who need it in Africa and right here in the UK.

Virgin Balloon Flights HQ staff have pledged their support by making donations and donning their best celebrity clobber on a past and present pop stars day!

We’ve had some of the biggest names in music history in the office and our company pooch, Pomeranian Cookie, took part sporting a Virgin red wig!

Can you spot… Kiss? Ben’s Gene Simmons ensemble was a lunchtime wonder made of bin bags and foil, with a bit of help from retro Madonna and ‘Virgin’ marketer Kirsty painting his face.

Amy Winehouse was traditionally beehive and eyeliner and Lynsay even managed to recreate the Amy tattoos one by one. Natalie added some ‘zig-a-zig-ah’ with her Melanie C outfit and Sophie’s leopard print and lipstick with that trademark Jessie J hair meant she was in charge of collecting the ‘Money, Money, Money’.

Sat ‘Jammin’ on the VBF sofa was Bob Marley AKA head of comms and marketing Alex, while Shaun was in the ‘Right Place Right Time’ as the lovely Olly Murs. No pop star set would be complete without a serenade from Michael Buble; and Wayne did just that, suit and all!