Bob McCall from Portland, Oregon in the USA One of our Virgin hot air balloons over Bath brightened up our day last week with a beautiful photograph of one of our balloons above the city of Bath from October’s end of season flights.
The almost retired banker was visiting the UK when he took the fantastic photograph. “We were visiting my wife's sister and brother-in-law who live in Bath, UK and the picture was taken from their living room. We were spending a few days with them before we all left for a trip to Spain.”
“I took several pictures as the balloon first became visible, but I thought this was the best one as the name on the balloon was centred. The first picture just saw the balloon peeking out of the trees,” he added.
The photography enthusiast had never seen one of our iconic red hot air balloons before and had never had the chance to experience this beautiful form of aviation. Let’s hope his next visit to the UK will see Bob take to the skies with Virgin Balloon Flights! Thanks for the photograph Bob.