As Valentine’s Day and February 29th loom closer, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the most romantic ways to propose.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride – ok we may be biased, but think about it – what could be more romantic than proposing 5,000ft up while floating over your home county? We have lots of romantic experience packages and our team can help you organise the proposal too – so make sure you get in touch.

When Stuart proposed to Lesley on a hot air balloon ride over Bristol

  1. At a Special Location – it could be where you first met, your first date, somewhere with an incredible view or anywhere that means something to you both.
  1. Proposal Signs – you could ask the divers at your local aquarium to hold up a waterproof sign even or organise an aeroplane banner proposal. One of our lovely passengers once asked a friend to place a huge proposal banner in a field for his partner to see while they were floating over the countryside in our hot air balloon basket!
  1. Leap Year Proposals – of course, anyone can propose at any time, but as 2016 is a leap year, February 29th is one of the most romantic times a woman can ask a man to marry her. If he’s a sports fan, why not arrange a halftime proposal? Adrenaline junkies might like to ask that unforgettable question on a flying experience day.
  1. Involve Your Pet – dog or cat owners could place a ring bearer’s cushion on their fluffy friend or you could go one step further and personalise their collar with the words ‘will you marry me’ for your loved one to see.
  1. Create Your Own Video – you don’t have to be a videography genius for this, it could be as simple as creating a slideshow of photos that mean something to you and it ending it with the question.
  1. Play a Song that Means Something – always dreamt of floating away into the sunset together? Our flying love song ideas could be just the ticket or maybe you’ve got a first dance together that you always remember as ‘your song’.
  1. Make their Favourite Dessert – get creative and spell the question out on their favourite dessert with icing, fruit or coulis. You could even hide the ring in your chosen dessert (make sure you propose before they tuck in of course!).
  1. Helium Balloon in a Box – Write your message and attach it to a helium balloon in a box which floats up when opened to reveal your message. Our ‘love is in the air’ balloons are perfect for this – ask our team to arrange the message for you.
  1. Pick a Date that Means Something – Maybe it’s the day you first met, your first date or the day you officially became a couple. However you choose to propose, if you pick a date that means something you can make it even more memorable, so you’ll be celebrating for years to come.

Make Love an Adventure

When it comes down to it, the way you propose really doesn’t matter. The fact that you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together is special enough! So don’t stress, make love an adventure and experience the world together. Your carriage awaits this spring.