Hi there, I’m Alex Ferguson (the real one – not a certain grumpy Scottish football manager!) and I’m head of marketing at Virgin Balloon Flights in the UK. I’d love you to help me raise money for Virgin Unite. When was the last time you did something for the first time? It was probably just this morning. Was it cool, fun, interesting, surprising, scary, disgusting or totally unforgettable? Life is made up of first times and the first time is often the best. Life also tends to be more fun if you’re open to trying new things, even if they take you out of your usual comfort zone. I’ve recently become a dad for the first time – so this has opened up a whole new world of first times! Virgin Social Marathon Get a custard pie in the face Go roller blading Have legs waxed (I have hairy legs) Drive a tractor Make a coffee like a barista Eat a banana split (I hate bananas!) Eat Dragon fruit Eat snails and or frogs legs Play a trombone, tuba, accordion or electric guitar Make hollandaise sauce Attend a Zumba dance class Ride a motorbike Learn some Swedish Do a 10 mile run (I’ve never run further than 5!) Ride in a rickshaw Play poker Eat jellied eels Do a ballroom dance Help in a charity shop Feed a flamingo Facebook @ Facebook Tweet a poem Pull a pint Do some knitting Swim in the Serpentine (lake in Hyde Park) Work in a call centre Get a facial/facemask Be a vet nurse Work in a hairdressers Ride a horse bareback Hold a chicken Work on a stall Make pasta from scratch Try taekwondo Make a flower arrangement Visit an outdoor gym Attend a fitness class (spinning or yoga) Visit the Tate modern gallery Be a train guard/conductor Do a Sudoku puzzle Family photoshoot Take an ice bath Have nails painted Have eyebrows plucked Get hair coloured Busking Re-wire a plug/light switch Kiss a pig Get a fake tan Tell Sir Richard Branson a joke Like life, there could be some hiccups along the way and this list may change a bit (some things are more difficult to arrange than others and some substitutes), but I will definitely do 50 Firsts Times and I may even add some bonus ones along the way…making myself look extremely stupid for your viewing pleasure. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations. Virgin social marathon logowhiteunite-300dpiVirgin Balloon Flights