We like to keep a promise here at Virgin Balloon Flights, so when the promise was made to dedicate 100 hours of volunteering on landscape projects, we were determined to do just that. Well, last week was a very special week at Virgin Balloon Flights HQ as our dedicated team of volunteers braved the British weather for another batch of hours, and, in doing so reached the 100-hour milestone!

The team took another trip to Lightmoor Nature Reserve to pick up where the previous group had left off and made the reserve more accessible and public-friendly! So, what was needed from the tool kit this time? Well, the strimmers were needed to attack some dishevelled brambles, the spades to dig some holes and some hammers. The team’s task of the day was to carry on trimming the vegetation and to plant some fencing which involved digging the holes in which the fence would be planted and then putting the fence together! See, we’re jacks of all trades here at Balloon Flights!

Although the British weather was kind to the team in the morning, the rain soon came to spoil the fun and the mission was aborted. Good job then, that our volunteers are some of the most efficient volunteers you’ll ever meet and had already completed the task and reached the 100-hour milestone in perfect timing to take cover!

Our 100-hour volunteering promise is part of our ‘Love our Landscape’ campaign, in which we aim to appreciate and help the landscape over which our balloon flights fly. It’s all well and good appreciate it when high in the sky in a Virgin Balloon, but we need to appreciate it and look after it when we touch down!

It’s been tough, cold, wet and sometimes painful, but we’re so proud of all the volunteers who achieved the 100-hour target. Keep an eye out for other work which we will be doing as part of the campaign, let’s just say it’s not time for us to put our feet up just yet!