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We want you to float in style on your hot air balloon ride. When you’re celebrating a special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, retirement or maybe you’re even proposing, you’ll no doubt want to look dapper – especially when you’ve got those selfies in the sky to think about. However, a hot air balloon ride is an adventure too don’t forget. Bear Grylls didn’t do much exploring in his finest attire. Here is our fashionista guide to looking good when flying, while still being practical.
  1. Sensible Shoes are a Must
Leave your designer shoes safe in their box at home – although most of our launch sites have good ground conditions on flying days, you’ll more than likely be landing in a field, so swap your Gucci heals for a stylish pair of wellies or some walking boots. where to wear wellies
  1. Sport Some Headwear
Our balloons are fitted with special heat shields to stop passengers getting too hot. However, the burners above you mean your head will still get a little warm, particularly when the balloon launches and particularly if you’re tall. However, this does mean you can dig out that favourite baseball cap, beanie or if you want something fancy, how about a top hat?

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  1. Trousers are the Way Forward
Ladies, we haven’t yet mastered climbing into a basket elegantly in a skirt or dress yet, you’re welcome to try of course (and please do share your skills), but we generally recommend jeans or some form of trousers – think country walk chic.

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  1. Take an Extra Layer Just in Case
Mum always did know best when she told you to take that extra layer on your way out the door. We all know too well how the ‘great’ British weather can be unpredictable, even in the height of summer. So take a jacket or jumper of some description even if the cold never bothered you anyway. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry and you can always take it off. hot air balloon ride couples
  1. Slide on Some Shades
Last but not least, don’t forget those sunnies. We want you to enjoy every ounce of the incredible views and when the sun is rising or setting during your flight it can get a bit bright. So fling on those sunglasses and take in the beautiful landscapes. Just don’t forget to take them off when you’re inflating or deflating the balloon – we don’t want your Dolce & Gabbana’s getting lost in our gigantic balloon envelopes!

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More details on what to wear on a hot air balloon ride can be found here. If you're still unsure, feel free to speak to our experienced team on 01952 212750. Take life higher, make memories and float in style. Your adventure awaits...