Biggar (South Lanarkshire)


Launch Site Address

Bowmuir Farm Holidays, Bowmuir Farm
South Lanarkshire
ML11 8LX

Biggar Hot Air Balloon Rides

Fun & Interesting Facts

Famous author Charles Dickens visited Lanarkshire in 1847 and said of the region: "I have never been more heartily received anywhere, or enjoyed myself more completely."


Biggar is our main Scotland hot air balloon rides launch site and almost equidistant from both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Passengers who love their history will delight in the prospect at gazing down on the famous site of the Battle Of Biggar, which took place in 1297 and resulted in William Wallace defeating the English army, commanded by Edward.

Biggar hot air balloon rides can be full of historical surprises, for example within the graveyard of its Church Of St Mary, built in 1546, are buried the ancestors of the politician, William Gladstone.

Depending upon wind direction, you might find yourself suspended over the site of the defeat of Mary Queen Of Scots forces at Langside in 1568. Alternatively you might take in the rugged majesty of the glorious River Tweed as it threads through stunning Upper Tweedle.

The wind is a fickle creature, there's no real way of telling where you will end up until airborne, but one thing is for sure, with such a rich landscape and history spread beneath the basket, you may rest assured that you will certainly have a flight to remember.


Bowmuir Farm is accessed off the B7016 south of Libberton.

On taking the road signposted for Millridge Farm, take the first track on the right, signed to Bowmuir Farm.

Once through the trees, turn left across the front of the large shed, into the field and park on the left. There will be a sign pointing to the passenger meeting area

Passenger Flight Information Line

Please call 01270 446 646 to confirm the status of your flight.

Hints & Tips:

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Your Pilot Will Be:

Graeme Houston

Look forward to... floating on air exceptional views breath-taking heights going with the wind the world at your feet