Launch Site Address

Amerton Railway, Amerton, Stowe-by-Chartley
ST18 0LA

Stafford Hot Air Balloon Ride

Fun & Interesting Facts

Chartley Moss National Nature Reserve is the largest example of a floating peat bog, also known as a ‘schwingmoor’ or ‘quaking bog’, in the UK. One of the rarest types of natural habitat, what looks like solid ground from afar (or above) is in fact a three-metre raft of peat floating on top of a 13-metre deep lake. It’s so dangerous to walk around that you’re not allowed access without a permit or specialist guide.


Go up, up and away for a truly stunning airborne adventure when you hop on board for a wonderful Staffordshire hot air balloon ride.

Nestling on the edge of Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Stafford is the obvious choice for the most memorable balloon flight over this beautiful county.

Travelling wherever the wind takes you, every single balloon ride is unique and an experience never to be forgotten.

As you drift majestically and almost silently towards the skies, breath-taking views stretching out in every direction await you.

Keep an eye out for landmarks such as the National Trust’s picturesque Shugborough Estate, or Stafford Castle if you travel over the town itself.

To the south, with the right wind you might spot the dramatic Lichfield Cathedral – the only one in the UK with three spires.

No other flying experience compares to a magnificent Staffordshire hot air balloon ride adventure with Virgin Balloon Flights.


On arrival, please park in the Amerton Railway car park where you will be met by our balloon team and directed to the designated launch field.

Passenger Flight Information Line

Please call 0115 822 4905 to confirm the status of your flight.

Hints & Tips:

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Your Pilot Will Be:

Tom Hook

Look forward to... floating on air exceptional views breath-taking heights going with the wind the world at your feet