Before joining Virgin Balloon Flights in 2021, Alex flew the only passenger hot air balloon operating in Nepal.

He has also flown at Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the US and most countries in Europe.

"Next on my list would be to fly around the Arctic or in Madagascar and fingers crossed one day I will get to do both," he said.

"But my favourite place to fly at the moment is a tiny little place in Spain where the Ultramagic balloon factory is." That spot is Igualada, a few miles north of Barcelona and west of the famous Montserrat mountain.

Alex said the best thing about flying hot air balloons is the unique perspective and adventure it gives you

“Every time you see something, you’re probably looking at it from a view nobody has ever had before or maybe ever will, which only adds to that feeling of adventure.”

Other than even more hot air ballooning in his free time, Alex's other favourite hobby is restoring his classic Mini in, of course, Virgin Balloon Flights' red.

Alex flies our iconic big red balloon in the gorgeous Lake District, where he and his crew would love to take you up, up and away.