We love seeing our big red Virgin balloons up in the air and it's even better when two of our pilots get to fly together. Our balloons ‘G-VBFR’ and ‘G-VBFF’ launched simultaneously from Nottingham Racecourse on Sunday morning.

The inflation of a balloon is wonderful to watch, seeing the balloon rise from the ground to grow over 80ft tall. When our balloons were inflated side by side at our Nottingham launch site, it was double the excitement!

Pilots Alan Lusty and Martin Collinson took to the sky together to treat passengers to magnificent views of the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside.

They were close enough to wave to one another and had the opportunity to take some fantastic photos balloon to balloon – the best viewpoint - and from the comfort of their own basket!

You too can fly from Nottingham Racecourse or any of our other 100+ launch sites. Simply visit our website or call us on 01952 212750. With flights starting from as little as £169pp, so don’t hesitate to book your adventure now.