Earlier this month, our Virgin balloon, piloted by Dom, launched for the first time from our new location in Wrexham. The flight opens stunning views over Erddig, one of the most beautiful National Trust properties in Wales.

Well known for its picturesque landscapes, Wales offers more to the exploring eye than swathes of natural beauty. Whether they live in the nearby area or travel for the flight, launching from Erddig rewards passengers with a new perspective over a great location.

Natural Beauty, From Dee Valley To The Welsh Hills

Once our red hot air balloon is up in the air, a varied landscape opens up. If the wind takes the balloon west, the lower Dee Valley and the Welsh hills reveal their charm. Wrexham itself and the countryside surrounding it provide beautiful views.

Seen from the air, the National Trust house offers a great panoramic view with its façade and gardens. As it stands today, this image originates at the beginning of the 18th century. Buying it in 1714, John Meller, a rich lawyer from London, started to expand the building with new wings added in the typical French Royal Court arrangement.

Things To Do in Erddig

If tempted to visit the Erddig property and house after or before your flight with us, consider the variety of things to see and learn about.

You might choose to stroll through the wide rooms on either side of the central reception hall and admire the rich, elegant furnishings. Maybe the 30,000 objects hosted and cared for at Erddig, one of the biggest National Trust collections, will catch your fancy. Or it might be that you prefer a walk in the garden and the parkland you have already admired from above.

If anything will add to your balloon flight experience, a trip to such a location, rich in both history and natural beauty, will round up a day of discovery.