No one loves surprises more than us. When someone gives you a gift and you have no idea what it is, it makes opening it really, really exciting. Our hot air balloon rides make perfect gifts especially at this time of year when Father’s Day is just around the corner. Customers who buy our balloon vouchers as a gift often ask if it’ll be obvious what they are when they arrive in the post so as to keep the balloon ride secret until the big day. Whether it’s a birthday present, an engagement gift or an anniversary surprise Virgin Balloon Flights have taken several steps to help you keep your secret safe. Here’s how:
  1. Our balloon ride vouchers and packages come in plain packaging with absolutely no branding so no one will ever know what joy awaits them - they are even marked Private & Confidential
  2. When you order online you’ll be asked how you would like to receive your vouchers – choose Post Only if you share your computer or email account with the gift recipient
  3. Select our Express Delivery option if you need to know exactly when your tickets will arrive, this costs £6 and you’ll receive a text and email to advise delivery time to the hour! Learn about the best delivery option for you
[caption id="attachment_541" align="aligncenter" width="367"]Virgin Balloon Flights Voucher, Wallet and Souvenir Brochure Virgin Balloon Flights Voucher, Wallet and Souvenir Brochure[/caption] Helpful Tips to Ensure the Perfect Gift Experience
  1. Select Post Only option on our website so no email confirmations are sent which may be seen by prying eyes
  2. You can buy a voucher and book a flight for your loved one if you know when they can fly, the most efficient way to do this is to get tickets by email and post by choosing the Email and Post option in your shopping basket, minding your Inbox if you do
  3. If you book the flight as well for your loved one remember if you want to keep the flight quiet until the very last moment you’ll have to call our flight line beforehand to check if the flight is going ahead
  4. Have timing and routes to the launch site planned beforehand, don’t forget we may launch from a back up site so make sure you know where these are too – all info will be on your booking confirmation
  5. Check what days and times your gift recipient can fly as this’ll affect the type of voucher you buy for them
  6. Use your SnapFish voucher to print up to 40 free digital prints of your loved one’s airborne adventure and/ or see the pilot for a commemorative photo of everyone on the balloon ride taken mid-flight as the perfect memento
  7. Remember to tear off the little perforated tab in the right hand corner of your vouchers if you want the face value to be kept schtum from your gift recipient
The only thing we can’t help you with is keeping your secret shush until the big day. Don’t let the cat out of the bag and enjoy the look of excitement on your loved one’s face when the surprise unravels. [caption id="attachment_545" align="aligncenter" width="400"]There's nothing quite like a ride in a big red balloon as the perfect gift There's nothing quite like a ride in a big red balloon as the perfect gift[/caption]