Glastonbury 2003 Pyramid Stage It’s that time of year again when hundreds and thousands of campers make their way to Somerset to prepare for one of the most iconic music festivals. After last year’s awesome weather across the five day event, everyone is wondering if the great British weather will be kind to us for a second year. Glastonbury 2003 Sunset Glastonbury Weather from a Balloon Pilot’s POV: Glastonbury Hot Air Balloon Pilot Richard Allen, one of our hot air balloon pilots for the Glastonbury area reveals what’s in store: “In ballooning terms there are a few days which look flyable at the moment,” says experienced pilot Richard. “The Wednesday and Thursday morning look great with sunny spells and low wind speeds, however there are some showers going into Thursday evening and Friday. “Festival goers will be pleased to know that the weekend is looking good as it stands - all of Saturday is set to have balloon-flyable weather. Sunday morning is ok too, but there are potentially some intermittent showers going into the evening.” Richard’s Glastonbury Festival Top Tip: “Pack your wellies and a few extra layers! Even though the weather appears to be improving, according to a local farmer I spoke to, the ground conditions will still be pretty muddy." Hot Air Balloon Glastonbury Spot the Balloon Airspace restrictions mean we can’t fly over Glastonbury during the festival period. However you may still spot us flying from nearby Somerset hot air balloon launch sites of Taunton, Shaftsbury and Bristol. If you do happen to spot one of our big red balloons, while at Glastonbury Festival or anywhere in the UK, be sure to take a photo and share on social media with #BalloonSpotter where you can win a flight for two. Glastonbury Pyramid Stage Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Glastonbury Launching from Tor Rugby Club, a hot air balloon ride in Somerset from Glastonbury offers truly incredible views. See the beautiful rolling Somerset countryside, along with the historic Glastonbury Tor National Trust site.

Glastonbury Tor

If the wind takes your adventure north, you’ll be able to see the Bristol Channel in the distance. Floating to the south of Glastonbury, you’ll of course see the festival site and the iconic pyramid stage which is left up all year round. If you’re a fan of Glastonbury and all it’s wonders, a balloon flight over this magnificent area should not be missed. See you in Glastonbury!