A collage of over 30 'FloatFace' Selfies of people on our hot air balloons!

FloatFace and BalloonSpotter Hot Air Balloon Ride Competition Winners 2022!

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It’s that time of year again!

As we reflect on the wonderful 2022 flying season, we are pleased to announce the winners of our 2 competitions on social media!

The entries from this past year have been brilliant, seeing hundreds of photos flooding in of the excitement of people flying and of seeing our balloons up and about!

Have a look at the collage above of just a few of our favourites…

#FloatFace Winner 2022:

Two women in a hot air balloon basket getting ready to take off.

What an awesome way to celebrate the end of a year by announcing our Float Face Winner!

Our Float Face competition is when people take an amazing selfie with one of our beautiful big red balloons visible somewhere in the photo and using our hashtag #floatface, our favourite entry will win a case of 12 fabulous bottles of wine from our friends over at Virgin Wines. The entire case is worth more than £120!

Our float face entries send in their best and biggest reactions to flying – we love seeing the excitement in people’s eyes when they fly, and this is our way of saying thank you for just that!

Our winner this year is 90-year-old Jean Cattle, proving that age is just a number for adventure!

After receiving a terminal diagnosis 10 months ago, Jean is taking every opportunity to live life to the fullest!

The photo was uploaded by her daughter, Noreen.

In the photo’s caption, Noreen said she is “Seizing every opportunity to remind our mum and grandma how special she is!”

Noreen uploaded a selection of photos of Jean and her flight together.

Woman looking over landscape with joy from a hot air balloon

You can see Jean looking out to the vista and loving every minute of her flight!

As well as a few getting ready to fly, both standing in the basket and in preparation to take off lying down in the basket! (One of our favourite shots as it looks like a drag landing!)

Led by pilot Martin Collinson, Noreen described their flight as “Serene” and “Stupendous”.

Thank you both for flying with us, Noreen and Jean!

We hope you enjoy your #FloatFace Prize together while you talk about the many memories you have created!

You’ve shown us what a great difference our hot air balloon rides can make, by creating new memories together that you will be able to cherish forever!

#BalloonSpotter Winner 2022:

We know we’re not the most subtle of sizes when we fly… that’s why we love seeing members of the public stop to watch our balloons, and even more when anyone gets involved!

This is our way of saying thank you for taking the time in your day to snap a quick picture of our balloon and sharing it online, here’s a chance to take off into the sky yourself!

The winner receives vouchers for a hot air balloon trip for two!

An amazing way to capture some awesome memories to cherish forever!

We’ve received so many awesome photos this year and cannot thank you all enough for your support and engagement with this competition. We are pleased to announce the winner of our Balloon Spotter Competition is Johnny Hartnell – who tagged us in a photo on Instagram balancing one of our balloons on his finger!

Johnny, a wild swimming enthusiast, was out for a dip at Devil’s Bridge when he spotted one of our balloons.

He has also shared a video of his morning in the water and then watching the balloon inflation and subsequent take off.

Enjoy your flight, Johnny! Maybe you’ll spot some great new wild swimming spots from above!

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