Bristol School Hot Air Balloon Visit

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Pilots Colin, Allie, and Caroline recently took a trip to Claremont School in Bristol to discuss all things about potentially joining the ballooning world post-school.

Claremont School is a special school with 70 pupils, all of whom have physical disabilities and complex health needs.

They had an exciting day of exploring hot air ballooning equipment. The team brought over a basket, a balloon envelope, and fans to the day.

Safe to say, the students enjoyed themselves thoroughly!

Alongside many conversations about what it’s like to be a pilot and crew member of a hot air balloon team, there were also discussions and demonstrations of the basket, the balloon, and the most importantly the flames!

The students had a chance to get inside the balloon and basket:

“Feeling the textures of the basket and exploring the spaces inside the basket was also great for our pupils. We even practised squeezing ourselves into landing positions!”

Highlights of the day:

A school representative discussed how this was not only something new and exciting for the students to see but also a great sensory experience:

“Some of our pupils have sensory impairments, including vision and hearing difficulties which meant being up close to something they could only ever see from a distance was a real treat! They were able to have the opportunity to explore the different parts of the balloon envelope. The flying wires, rings, and carabiners were a big hit because they felt cold and made a great sound if you shook them.”

The students shared their favourite part of the experience: the burners!

The students loved seeing how much the flames changed in colour.

“Our favourite part of the visit was the loudest, hottest, and coldest parts of the Virgin Balloon Flights experience. The fans and the burners were the best!“

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