The witches aren't the only ones flying: Hot Air Balloon Halloween celebrations!

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With Halloween night and Halloween parties around the corner, it's time to start planning a new way of celebrating this Souls Day.

It's the last bit of dress-up fun before the Christmas holiday arrives, and what could be a better way to go trick-or-treating this year than in the skies?

Like witches on their brooms, join us in the sky before the coming winter and enjoy the last of what the hot air balloon season has to offer!

What's creepier than a sky full of ghosts and ghouls? A place populated by the most terrifying creatures on earth!
Take a scary ride over to one of our haunted launch sites on Halloween, where you'll be able to see things from the perspective of ghosts and witches.

You won't be flying over Michael Myers on Elm Street, but there are still plenty of scary sights this Halloween.

Get your costume on, get your creepy crawly decorations up, and join us for a brand new way of celebrating this October in England.

To get you ready to make an informed decision about where to fly from this Halloween, we've gathered our spookiest launch sites and some of the ghosts you may see from the skies!

Our two spookiest hot air balloon launch sites:

Hatfield House

This historic launch site has a spectacularly spooky past.

Acquired by Henry VIII in 1538, it was used as a nursery for his three children, Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward.
It's said today that the ghost of Elizabeth I can still be seen around Hatfield House today and is often spotted in the Old Palacegateway before vanishing into the churchyard... Do you think you'll see her this Halloween night?

That's not the only example of the dead returning to Hatfield House; the footsteps of a rich young woman who was burnt to death in 1835 can also be heard in the corridors, and a ghostly phantom carriage has also been spotted on the grounds.

Furthermore, an old farmhouse stood where Guessens Court now stands before Hatfield House was built, but the spirit world of a jealous saga still haunts the area.

According to local legend, a knight hid his mistress in the farmhouse. However, after the rage his wife expressed upon finding out, she burnt down the farmhouse, which led to her husband decapitating her!

The woman's spirit is said to still roam the area today.

This one is not for the faint-hearted!

Lotherton Hall

Take off from Lotherton Hall in Aberford, Leeds. It has everything that says "Hallows Eve," flickering lit candles in late October, cold winter months, and specifically just shouts the word autumn.

Whether it's the museum, the land, or most probably the chapel, this is a gorgeous historic building.

With views of woods and farmland, it's easy to imagine the Halloween hues of orange and red from the trees. In the 1970s, a deer farm was created nearby, and if you look closely, you can see the red deer roaming about!

Legend has it that the previous owner of Lotherton Hall, Sir Alvary Gascoigne's dog, a shaggy black poodle, still runs and plays around the estate.

The dog does have the slightly less scary name of Michael, who has been said to be seen being chased up the drive by a man and then disappearing into thin air. Unaccounted paw prints are also found within the house, and howls are heard throughout the night.

Are you part of a ghost-hunting couple?

As gifts go, this is also a great way to show that special someone how you really feel about them.

It's the perfect spooky date night! Climb aboard our hot air balloon for a Halloween-themed ride you'll never forget.

As you float gently over the eerie landscape, keep your eyes peeled for ghosts! You and your partner will have a blast working together to spot any spectral visitors.

Or if you're celebrating an occasion or maybe just how special that someone is, the autumn months are the perfect opportunity for a romantic day out. So grab your matching costumes and whisk them away to the skies. Don't forget about the post-landing toast after every flight!

Say cheers, and see the earth the way witches do, from the sky!

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