It’s hard to believe we’re now over halfway through our 2017 flying season. From anniversaries to wedding day hot air balloon rides, we’ve seen a lot of love in the air. Our hot air balloon proposals are always a popular event, with fellow passengers cheering in the skies when she says yes. Drifting over incredible landscapes at sunrise or sunset creates a proposal setting you’ll never forget. Imagine telling family, friends, children and grandchildren about your incredible engagement for years to come… Here are just some of the couples who have got engaged in the skies so far… Rumi and Imran – Engaged in Cambridge: hot air balloon proposal Friday 30th June 2017 Rumi and Imran met through friends at university. Imran wanted to ask that all important question in a memorable way that was still romantic. “When we launched up above the clouds, pilot Pete gave me the signal to give me an idea of when would be a perfect time to ask the question,” said Imran. “I just about managed to get down on one knee and ask. Rumi said yes and there were lots of cheers from fellow passengers.” Imran said Rumi got very emotional and he was very thrilled and relieved to have finally asked her. “The views of Cambridge were just incredible and pilot Pete was amazing. He made conversation with everyone and entertained with loads of jokes – a really good host.” Imran and Rumi’s friends were very impressed with his unique proposal idea: “Everyone thought it was really romantic and complimented me for coming up with it. Some guys have said they'd love to do the same.” “We will definitely be coming back to fly again”. Imran and Rumi. Proposing in a hot air balloon also means you get to post the best engagement announcements: Best engagement announcement Bonny and Andrew – Engaged in the Lake District: proposal lake district Saturday 1st July 2017 Neither Bonny or Andrew had been on a hot air balloon ride before, but both love the countryside and really appreciate incredible scenery. “I felt a balloon ride would provide the perfect back drop for an unforgettable day,” said Andrew. The couple met online and have been together for two years. A hot air balloon ride was something they both wanted to do, so the engagement setting was ideal. “I proposed near the end of the flight after we’d enjoyed the experience together. It was the perfect moment. “The peacefulness and amazing scenery makes ballooning so romantic and lets you enjoy each other’s company” said Andrew. lake district proposal “Lake Windermere was laid out in all its spender with the sun breaking through the clouds – that was a view I will not forget.” Bonny had no idea Andrew was going to propose. As a nervous flyer she was secretly hoping their flight would be postponed due to weather! “It turned out I absolutely loved being in a balloon and Andrew proposing was amazing,” said Bonny. “It was an exciting, breath-taking and unforgettable experience that we will never forget.” Andrew and Bonny. For more information on planning your hot air balloon proposal, get in touch today. Other couple's who got engaged at amazing heights this year include: Andrew and Catherine, Engaged in York, 7th July 2017 propose in York Uldis and Geidre, Engaged in Leicestershire, 5th July 2017 lincolnshire proposal