Joe Stockdale, a passenger on a recent flight over Dalemain in Cumbria, is a fantastic photographer. When these beauties dropped into our inbox, we couldn’t resist showing them off.

Joe said he flew from Dalemain because he wanted to see the Eden Valley and the Eastern Lake District from above.

“I was keen on the idea of having something natural, as the wind dictated our course of flight.more We ended up flying over Lowther Valley which is incredibly familiar from the ground and absolutely breathtaking to see from above, especially with the vibrant morning sun shining through the mist.”

Joe has a lifelong interest in photography, and often chooses natural landscapes as his subject.

“My dream would be to make a living off landscape photography and travel the world as much as I possibly can. I recently spent five weeks in and around Vancouver, Canada and it was possibly one of the most beautiful places I've ever witnessed.”

Boasting some of the most naturally beautiful views in the UK, Virgin Balloon flights over Cumbria are a must for all budding and pro photographers out there.

Flyers are treated to aerial views of Ullswater Lake. At 7.5 miles long, it’s the second largest lake in England. The expanse of water, framed by the distant hills, is picture perfect.

Joe said: “The Balloon took us all the way from Dalemain into Lowther Deer Park which gave fantastic views of Ullswater and the surrounding fells poking out of the enveloping mist.”

Pilot Pete Philpott pointed out specific landmarks and areas of interest which helped Joe set up his camera shots.

Joe said he’s definitely going ballooning again.

“It’s such a privileged position. The elevation is unique which means I can get such an interesting perspective on the landscape below.”

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