One of our recent passengers Margaret Oflaherty, known to family and friends as ‘Pearl’, celebrated her 80th birthday on board one of our hot air balloons earlier this month. Making the flight even more special, she flew with her daughter Cathy Low who was also celebrating her 60th birthday.

Along with her sisters and brother, Cathy bought Pearl the balloon flight as a memorable experience to commemorate the special occasion of her 80th birthday. Pearl went to visit Cathy in Yorkshire, giving the perfect opportunity for the pair to book their flight together from one of our Yorkshire sites. Their flight took place on a bright and fresh August morning from York Racecourse.

The wind carried them northwards for around 12 miles, taking the balloon over a great deal of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and even giving Cathy the opportunity to spot her house below the basket. She told us “The pilot, Chris Oxby, was very knowledgeable about the locality of the balloon and the crew were very helpful, especially with assisting my mother.”

Cathy further added that she would love to go on another balloon ride, but next time near London, “My mother and some more of our family live in Hertfordshire so I would have knowledge of the area.” If there’s one way to view a familiar place from a different perspective, it's thousands of feet up in the air in a hot air balloon!

You too can climb on board a hot air balloon with us for as little as £169pp. We have over 100 fantastic launch sites for you to choose from, just visit our website or call us in the office on 01952 212750 to book now.