Carly and Lee got engaged onboard one of our balloons above the Hampshire countryside In today’s hectic world, spending quality time with your loved one can become a luxury. So, when you do have time to yourselves, you should make the most of it! Rather than spending another Friday night at the local restaurant or cinema, consider giving your loved one the experience of a lifetime. A romantic hot air balloon ride could literally take your relationship to new heights. The Experience On a romantic hot air balloon ride, you and your loved one can experience some of Britain’s most beautiful sights in an entirely new way. You and your partner can enjoy and gentle float into the sky where you can let all your troubles drift away. Your balloon will then float gently on the breeze, allowing you to experience the majesty of the British countryside in one of the world’s oldest forms of air transportation. This uniquely old-fashioned experience will give you precious memories for years to come.A sparkling view from the basket above Hampshire as Lee and Carly get engaged When you fly on an aeroplane, the only objective is to reach the destination as quickly as possible. On hot air balloon flights, you can forget about speed and focus on the experience. With just the wind as its navigator, a balloon ride will give you the chance to take in stunningly romantic panoramas while spending quality time with your loved one. Virgin Balloon Flights The team at Virgin Balloon Flights can help to create an unforgettably romantic experience for you and your partner. Taking off from one of over a hundred conveniently located launch sites, you and your loved one will be treated to a ballooning experience of between 3 and 4 hours. On arrival you and your partner will be greeted and given a briefing by your pilot. If you choose to, you can make the most of this unique experience by helping with the balloon’s inflation. You will then experience a flight of around an hour in one of Virgin’s iconic hot air balloons, travelling in whatever direction the wind takes you. On landing, you can help with the deflation of the balloon, and finally toast your remarkable journey with a glass of champagne. You will then be transported back to your original launch site. Hot air balloon rides for couples are incredibly romantic, and Virgin Balloon Flights offers a range of extras to create an experience you and your partner will never forget. You could both enjoy a bottle of champagne or prosecco from beautiful crystal champagne glasses, or share an indulgent box of milk chocolate champagne truffles. However you choose to personalise your ballooning experience, you and your partner are sure to have an experience that will stay with both of you forever. Is Ballooning Safe? Hot air ballooning is one of the oldest forms of air transportation in the world, and one of the safest ways to fly. They only move as fast as the wind blows them. Hot air balloons also have a very simple design. There are no moving parts so there is very little to go wrong. During a Virgin Balloon Flight, the balloon is controlled by an experienced pilot, so you and your loved one can relax and enjoy your journey.