If you are looking for a luxurious and relaxing way to fly, then hot air balloon rides simply blow away the competition! At Virgin Balloon Flights, we have a wide variety of different flying experience gifts where you can buy two tickets, one for yourself and the other for the person you wish to take on this magical adventure. We have more than 100 locations across the United Kingdom, so you can get to see the bit of the UK you've always wanted to see. We have locations as far north as Castle Fraser and as far south as Totnes. A balloon flight is a great gift for those special occasions like birthdays and Christmas which can help to celebrate that person once more when you reach the flight date. We operate between March and November, making balloon flights a great thing to look forward to from Christmas when spring starts to come into full force. Alternatively, you can see our fair land in all its summer glory during the heights of July or as it passes into auburn autumn and the blitz of winter in November. We operate AM and PM flights so you can make the best of the landscape and your time. We can’t operate during midday since this can be problematic due to thermal columns rising from the ground.

Our weekday morning adventures can see you take to the skies while the UK is largely at work. This can mean that the roads will be clearer when we travel back to the launch point from the landing point. Each flight will last for about an hour, but the amount of distance we travel will be completely at the mercy of the wind. That’s part of the charm - to be driven by the Earth’s whim! For £169 per person you will also get a champagne toast and a certificate endorsed by Sir Richard Branson. You will also get a luxury voucher and a gift wallet as further mementos of your journey. When giving the gift of balloon flight experiences, it is important to bear in mind the months during which we operate and the year long duration of the gift certificate.

We also offer gift packages that come with something a little extra so you aren't just giving a ticket. These come with binoculars, a bag, cap, sunglasses and other useful gifts that can ensure you always remember your trip with us. Everything has the Virgin brand logo, so you and your guests know it was with our historic ballooning company you flew with. Each of our gift packages are designed to be for the specific desires if our explorers including an adventure package that can take you over some of the most awe-inspiring sights in our country. The inspiration package will take you over some impressive landmarks offering you the chance to put your binoculars to full use. The celebration pack comes with everything you need to celebrate while floating serenely across the skies.