The Ultimate Staycation – A Balloon Ride Near You

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As the famous saying goes, home is where the heart is… and so are the best holiday locations!

With the uncertainty of COVID still looming over us, a large majority of people are still worried about traveling abroad for their holidays, however, fear no more! The ultimate staycation holiday could be right outside your door!

The term Staycation is an ambiguous and somewhat confusing term to describe taking time off work and staying at home… Or booking a holiday across the other side of the country… Or was it derived from the old phrase ‘they have no stay in them’?

Okay, I must admit we’re going a little off track here, but to pull us back on track, a staycation was originally coined as staying in your local town and creating the best holiday you can.

Due to the nature of marketing, a lot of companies have coined staycation as having a holiday anywhere across your home country, but we believe that staycation has always been about making the best of what you’ve got around you. Especially since traveling can increase the risk of spreading the virus.

That’s why we’ve created what we believe to be the ultimate staycation day that you can experience anywhere across the country!

Start with a balloon flight to see your town from a different perspective.

Depending on what sort of experience you want to have, you could either start or finish off your day with a hot air balloon flight to get a bird’s eye view of your local town. We think starting the day off with a balloon flight would be the perfect option because;

  • The morning dew & mist, paired with the sunrise, create unbelievable sights on the horizon that you’ll find hard to forget.
  • You’ll be able to scope out your town and find new areas to explore on your staycation! All balloon flights finish themselves off with prosecco toast as tradition, the perfect way to start any holiday!

After your early start and a swift glass of prosecco, try out a new restaurant in your area for a breakfast treat.

Do we need to say more? If indulging in breakfast the size of your head on holiday isn’t at the top of your priority list, you’re missing out on the best part of a holiday!

Explore a new area of your town.

While scoping out the area from a bird’s eye view, you’ll find that there are plenty of magical areas around you that you’ve probably never seen before! So, get those tourist glasses on, camera equipment at your side, and plenty of snacks to fuel you on your journey and gain a newfound excitement as you explore the more intricate and secretive parts of your town!

Kick your feet up and lean back.

After a long day of exploring, eating, and drinking your heart out, the next best thing to do is relax and let it all sink in.

As relaxing is a purely personal experience, everyone likes to relax a little differently. Whether that be snuggling up to read a good book, sunbathing if the weather is nice enough, a meditation and spa retreat or even just having a good snooze to sleep off the full day of eating.

There are plenty of ways to relax so make sure to indulge yourself in the most relaxing way possible on your staycation!

Finish off with an evening meal and drinks to fill your boots before the end of the day.

With the money you’ve saved on not travelling or paying for accommodation, you’ll have more money in the holiday kitty to splash on an evening to remember. Whether you’re a young couple or a family of 5, get everyone dressed up and treat yourself to a more lavish meal to add that final spark to the end of your staycation.

Is there a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try out but was too expensive for you to treat yourself to in your everyday life? Well, now is your opportunity, you’re on holiday, right? Push the boat out and end your staycation in style!

If you’re struggling to find a restaurant that suits you The Gourmet Guide will have endless options for you, which you can search by location!

We hope that this blog has sparked some ideas in your mind, and hopefully, you’ll take a well-deserved break from the crazy world we’ve been living in. Take your staycation to the next level this year!

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