Top 5 Gift Ideas For Father's Day

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Top 5 Unusual/unique Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it always proves difficult to know what to get your ol’ fella so we’re here to help!

Here are 5 of our top unique and unusual Father’s Day gift ideas!

As the world has changed a lot in the past two years, the value of experiences is more important than ever, and sharing those experiences with someone is what makes it special. No more socks and bottles of beer, treat your dad to an incredible Father’s Day gift this year.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a new dad, a dad-to-be, a funky dad, a funny dad, an adventurous dad, or a serious dad, there are plenty of experiences that will make them feel like they’ve been spoilt this Father’s Day.


  • Hot Air Balloon Ride – For the adventurous dad
  • Acrobatic flying experience - For the adrenaline dad
  • Comedy Show and Dinner – For the funny dad
  • Beekeeping Experience – For the outdoorsy dad
  • Blacksmith Course – For the hands-on dad

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For the adventurous dad –

Having ridden on my first Hot Air Balloon flight no more than a week ago, I can hold testament to the sheer and utter awe of slowly floating up to the sky with absolute silence and getting a 360-degree view of the world around me.

Hot Air Ballooning is a truly special experience to share with your dad on Father’s Day, which he will remember for years to come.

Also, from one child to another if you are quick off the mark, offer to help put the balloon up together with your father for another unique experience. Having held the balloon open myself as they’re blasting air in and watching the balloon slowly float into the air at your fingertips is also a sight to behold.

(Check out our previous blog on the Hot air balloon experience)

Why Hot Air Balloon Rides Take Life Higher

“Hot air ballooning is one of the most incredible, exhilarating, and unforgettable experiences you can imagine.

It is a feeling that never leaves you and a memory that lasts forever – you will still be talking about how amazing it is for years to come.

And for many, it is about stepping outside your comfort zone and finding your inner sense of adventure, as you find yourself at the mercy of wherever the wind wants to take you.”

*Upon using the code ‘dadventure’ get 20% off the price of 2 tickets.*

Aerobatic flying experience

For the adrenaline dad –

Wing walking and Aerobatic flying experiences are one of the pinnacles of adrenaline-fuelled, high-octane activities. This is the perfect unforgettable experience for any of those adrenaline-junkie dads out there!

Although these activities can only be experienced by one person at a time, for anyone who has been on an aerobatic flight, it’s a truly unforgettable activity that will leave you wonderstruck after your feet touch the ground.

It’s up to you to choose whether you want to experience it inside or outside of the plane, but for those of you who believe that #outsideisthebestside, all I can say is I’d rather it be you than me!

Beekeeping Experience

For the outdoorsy dad –

For more of a feet-on-the-ground approach, get your dad a beekeeping experience this Father’s Day –

‘Get suited and booted to discover the secrets of one of the most important and fascinating creatures on the planet.

On our brand-new Beekeeping Experience, you will discover the lifecycle and roles of honeybees, all the different tools and equipment used in beekeeping, and learn about a selection of hive products.’ – Hatfield House

As well as learning about one of the most important creatures on our planet, you can enjoy a hot drink and a cake when you get there, and a 2-course meal from the restaurant after you’ve spent some time with the bees! Don’t forget about the honey tasting too!

Comedy Show and Dinner

For the funny dad –

Laughter, Pints, and food. If that sounds like your dad’s usual night, then look no further and spoil him this Father’s Day with a comedy show and dinner. With a wide range of different jokes to be tailored to your humour, why wouldn’t you want to go?

Plenty of food to indulge in all evening washed down with a wide range of drinks till you will be laughing at anything. They also stay open late, so the party doesn’t stop after the show.

Delightful memorable experience you could get dad for Father’s Day. Laugh his socks off instead of buying them.

Blacksmith Course and Brewery Tour

For the hands-on dad –

Do something unique this year and pair fire, metal, hammers, and tools with a relaxing brewery tour and refreshing ales to end the day.

You’ll be taught and guided through making your very own personalised bottle opener from scratch with plenty of experience experts to guide you along the way.

After you’ve spent time learning and creating your opener, you’ll have plenty of time to take a break in the woods nearby before heading up to the local brewery and tasting a selection of classic ales while enjoying the view!

Fire and Beer, who can resist!

A Unique gift for a Unique dad

Whatever gift you decide to get your dad this Father’s Day this year, an experience shared is an experience never forgotten.

Father’s is a unique time of the year to show that extra bit of love towards your dad and let him know that you appreciate everything he does, and often they don’t expect anything more than some quality time with their loved ones.

Sharing an unforgettable experience with their children will make them truly feel special this year after the nearly 2 years we’ve been stuck in lockdown.

Make it unique. Give your father something special this year.

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