Virgin Balloon Flights - English Activity for Kids

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With our pilots still grounded, our beautiful big red balloons packed away and many of our office staff educating their little heroes at home, we're enjoying our balloon-themed projects for kids (and hope you are too).

Coronavirus is well and truly keeping us grounded at the moment but that doesn't mean we can't still dream big. All of us are dreaming of a better time and what we can look forward to.

This week, our kids' English activity worksheet is about stirring their imagination and keeping their young minds 'flying high'.

Imagination is a powerful tool in learning and can also help with expressing and processing emotions.

So in the current situation, we're finding it is so important to keep everyone's imagination stimulated, including those of our children.

Our imaginations and daydreams are currently taking us off on our next aviation adventure, floating somewhere above the Lake District or over the stunning Peak District on a majestic and serene hot air balloon ride.

English Activity - Storyboard Writing

This week's English activity worksheet is a colourful storyboard based around a dream hot air balloon flight setting.

Click here to download and print your copy of the storyboard above and fill in the clouds to create your own short story with characters, an opening, a main event, etc.

What will yours be about?

Maybe you could write a story about your dream balloon ride...

Or an event at school...

Or anything else in the universe that your imagination leads you to...

Once you've finished the activity, you can ask your grown-up to share a picture of your work on our social media channels using #hereismyballoon.

We’ll be posting ideas for a new kids’ activity worksheet every week, so keep checking back in to see what’s new!

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