It’s normally whisky, bagpipes, tartan, haggis or the thistle and kilt amongst other things that spring to mind when thinking about the beautiful country of Scotland. There is no better way to see the dramatic landscape that ranges from mountains to plains and lowlands to highlands than from 3000 feet in the air in an iconic Virgin hot air balloon.

The diverse culture, historical landmarks and interesting geography is so much better from a bird’s eye view, so we have given you the choice of five fantastic counties to fly from and revel in your airborne adventure; Aberdeenshire's Castle Fraser offers a spectacular backdrop for the launch of your Virgin balloon flight. As the most elaborate ‘z plan’ castle in Scotland the architecture as well as the eye-catching landscaped gardens are as beautiful by foot as from up in the air.

Similarly, Angus' Glamis Castle offers a delightfully romantic setting to see Scotland beneath the basket and drift over the castle’s 600 years of history. With a full programme of events throughout the year, you can explore the castle and gardens after your hot air balloon ride topped off with a Champagne toast.

The wonderfully grand Falkland Palace in Fife is another of our Scottish launch sites to start your hot air ballooning experience with Virgin. The property belongs to Her Majesty the Queen, so try out your royal wave as you drift above the palace and over the county.

Lanarkshire's Biggar is yet another option where you can rise to the sky and gaze down at the famous site of the Battle of Biggar where William Wallace defeated the British. The fantastically rich landscape offers a lot to spot too.

Perthshire presents not one but two launch sites for you to choose from, with the airfield and city launch sites both allowing you to see some of the very best bits of Scotland … how ever will you choose?!

We hope to see you in the sky above stunning Scotland!