Given the recent 'Great' British weather, it’s not everyday that holidaymakers at beautiful Offenham Holiday Park in the Vale of Evesham have something bright in the sky. However, last week those enjoying Evesham’s green surroundings had the pleasure of the shining sun and a bright red Virgin balloon above them. Last Saturday Virgin Balloon Flights pilot Russell Collins flew north east from Evesham’s Crown Meadow taking in the sights of the River Avon including Offenham Park where holidaymakers got a close-up view of the balloon in flight; waves were exchanged and many a photo taken. We would like to thank Vernon Lloyd for sending in these fantastic photo’s. Virgin Balloon over Evesham hot air balloon over worcestershire virgin balloon over holiday home
“We had a beautiful flight out of Evesham, flying over the river Avon. We were waving and everyone was taking lots of photo’s. I even called down that they should send them in to Virgin Balloon flights and lo and behold they have, excellent!” – Pilot Russell Collins
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