What To Wear On Hot Air Balloon Rides

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It can be hard to know what to wear when on a hot air balloon ride.

After all, it can get quite hot when you are standing under a powerful flame, but the air can also get rather chilly the higher up you go and even colder as you start to descend.

Of course, what you need to wear will still change depending on the time of year you fly and the location you choose – after all, hot air balloon rides in Kent are likely to offer warmer weather on the whole than flights that take place in Scotland.

Therefore, you need to be aware of the weather forecast in your area as well as what to expect from balloon flights in general.

You are likely to get warmer and cooler at different times throughout your experience so it is wise to bring layers.

No matter how warm it might seem when you are leaving, the weather could change quite significantly as you travel and the higher you go and therefore it will be wise to be prepared.

There is a good chance that you will not feel any colder once you are up in the air, but since most flights happen at sunset or sunrise, the weather could be very different at the end of your flight than it happened to be at the very start.

It is also not just temperature that you will need to bear in mind.

Avoid Your Sunday Best

Whilst you might not want to look scruffy on such an exciting day, the event will be a little sportier than being chauffeur-driven and therefore you might want to avoid wearing your finest clothes on such a day.

You may also wish to avoid skirts and dresses as you will need to climb both in and out of the basket and will therefore need to be wearing something that will not get in your way.

On sunny days you may also need a hat to make sure you do not get too hot or too exposed to the sun’s rays, whilst sunglasses may also be an option for those wanting to fully enjoy the perfect sunrise or sunset.

Furthermore, you will also want comfortable trainers as not only will you be on your feet for a while during your flights, but you may also land or take off in areas that are uneven, or that happen to be somewhat muddy or rocky.

At Virgin Balloon Flights, we strive to make every part of your hot air balloon experience as memorable as possible, but unless you happen to be in the right attire in the first place you may not be able to enjoy your ride as much as you should.

So be prepared and dress for the occasion, and make sure that you have the right sporty clothes and the right layers to keep you cosy no matter what the weather decides to do, and so that you are as comfortable when you drink your celebratory champagne as when you first take off.

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