Christmases, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, special birthdays … especially if you have a large extended family or a wide social circle, the list of occasions calling for gifts can seem endless.

And unless the person you are buying for has a particular hobby or has asked for a specific gift, it’s all too easy to find yourself wandering around the shops, completely at a loss. As time ticks away, you could end up presenting someone special with a gift which gets a polite thank you and is then promptly forgotten about.

One alternative is to give them an experience they’ll be talking about for a long time to come, and will never forget, rather than something which ends up languishing at the back of a drawer.

Surprising your friend, partner, relative or clients with a hot air balloon experience, for example, has many other benefits too. You can organise it online in minutes, so there’s no traipsing round the shops or parking to worry about. This can be ideal if you don’t live near or with the person you are buying for – there are no postal charges and no possibility of the present getting lost in the mail.

And, as well as being wonderfully original gift ideas, balloon flights are flexible in when and where they can be taken. You can give just the balloon ride itself, or, if you really want to make the whole experience even more special, extras like champagne are usually on offer as well.

Every flight unique

Give your recipient the unforgettable experience of floating freely high about the countryside, with a bird’s eye view of the land below, perhaps including places you know and even where you live.

Each flight is a unique adventure, but all of them offer a privileged view of the countryside, towns and villages.

Book with Virgin Balloon Flights

At Virgin Balloon Flights, we’re the UK’s leading provider of these rides. We offer hot air balloon experience days at dozens of locations across England, Wales and Scotland, which you can book with a whole range of luxury gift extras.

We also offer a number of delivery options, including email and express following-day arrival.

Our balloons go up seven days a week, from March until the autumn. We fly morning and evening, and, depending on things like weather and the suitability of landing sites, usually last an hour – although it will seem as though you have been up in the air a lot longer! The whole experience will last for up to four hours.

Passengers get a full briefing from the pilot, along with, in many cases, the chance to help inflate the balloon. Then they toast a successful ride with champagne after landing, and, still on a high, help deflate the balloon, and receive a special certificate, before being taken back to the launch site.

With the largest fleet of balloons and more scheduled flights and more passengers than anyone else, flying around 30,000 people a year, Virgin has become the largest balloon ride business in the world. Find out more today.