London Hot Air Balloon Regatta

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Battersea Park
Greater London
SW11 4NJ

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The Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta is a celebrated event that takes flight across central London, raising awareness and funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal - MQ Mental Health Research, Homewards, and National Numeracy.

🟡 Tentative Dates have been confirmed for the next London Hot Air Balloon Regatta.

London Hot Air Balloon Regatta Information

🎈 Will Virgin Balloon Flights be at the London Hot Air Balloon Regatta this year?

No, we will not be at the London Hot Air Balloon Regatta. However, we are taking part in many hot air balloon festivals this year.

If you are keen to take to the skies with us at another balloon fiesta, or you're searching for ideas on the perfect family day out, check out our ultimate guide to UK hot air balloon festivals.

Alternatively, check out our London balloon rides in the region.

🗓️ When is the London Hot Air Balloon Regatta?

Potential dates for the 2024 regatta are:

  • Sunday 7 July, 2024
  • Sunday 21 July, 2024
  • Sunday 28 July, 2024

These dates are not guaranteed and are subject to weather conditions being favourable.

Set against the stunning backdrop of one of the best parks in London - Battersea Park, up to fifty hot air balloons participate in this exciting display of colour and grace, embodying the vibrant spirit of London. While this regatta is not an event that people can attend in person, its splendour can be appreciated across the city, serving as a symbol of unity and community spirit.

As balloons soar across the London skyline, they symbolise hope and support for important causes, making the Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta a cherished tradition that touches the hearts of Londoners far and wide.

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