Sky Safari at Longleat

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Longleat, Warminster
BA12 7NW

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Balloon Rides from the Safari at Longleat


This September, the skies above Longleat Estate will be filled with a stunning display of hot air balloons for the UK's largest annual balloon festival! You'll be able to see Longleat's iconic lion-shaped balloon accompanied by a delightful array of animal-shaped balloons, including a koala, cheetah, wolf, parrot, panther, and owl.

Enjoy spectacular views and snap incredible photos during the mass launches and tethered displays. As evening falls, the magic continues with a captivating night glow, where hot air balloons light up to a brilliant soundtrack. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

🟢 Dates have been confirmed for the next Sky Safari at Longleat.

Sky Safari at Longleat Information

🎈 Will Virgin Balloon Flights be at Sky Safari at Longleat this year?

No, we will not be at Sky Safari at Longleat this year. However, we are taking part in many hot air balloon festivals this year. If you are keen to take to the skies with us at another balloon fiesta, or you're searching for ideas on the perfect family day out, check out our ultimate guide to UK hot air balloon festivals.

If you're looking for a hot air balloon ride near Sky Safari at Longleat, we have a nearby launch site in Gillingham Rugby Club Dorset.

🗓️ When is the Sky Safari at Longleat?

12th September - 15th September 2024

Daily event schedule:

7:00am - Morning Mass Launch
10:30am - Tethered hot air balloon displays
11:30am - Model Ballooning
2:30pm - Tethered hot air balloon displays
4:45pm - Entertainment
5:00pm - Evening Mass Launch
8:00pm - Night Glow

Please note all ballooning activies are subject to weather conditions.

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