Essex Hot Air Balloon Rides

Behold Stunning Castles and Tranquil Rivers from Above

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Essex's rich heritage and stunning landscapes. Glide over historic landmarks like Colchester Castle and Ingatestone Hall, while enjoying panoramic views of undulating countryside and charming rural communities. With Essex boasting the second longest coastline in England and iconic sites such as the Roman Circus Centre, a hot air balloon ride promises a unique perspective on this picturesque region. Whether it's the allure of ancient ruins or the tranquillity of gently sloping terrain, Essex offers an enchanting aerial experience like no other.

Hot Air Balloon Experiences in Essex

Why Choose A Essex Hot Air Balloon Ride

Essex's breathtaking landscapes and rich history make it an excitingly unique destination for hot air balloon adventures. From Essex's hot air balloon rides, you'll witness:

  • Scenic Diversity: Experience the magnificent views of the Blackwater Estuary National Nature Reserve.
  • Landmarks: Explore iconic sights like Colchester Castle, Ingatestone Hall, and the Roman Circus Centre.
  • Historical Gems: Delve into the storied Tudor Manor Houses and Hylands House.
  • Varied Landscapes: Marvel at the diverse scenery, from lush grasslands to serene woodlands, lakes, and gardens, reminiscent of landscapes cherished by artists like John Constable.

Essex Hot Air Balloon Launch Sites

Begin your exploration of Essex's diverse landscapes and rich history with a hot air balloon adventure, revealing scenic wonders and hidden treasures from the sky.

At Feering Essex Hot Air Balloon Ride's launch site, situated in the picturesque village of Feering, on a clear day and with the right wind, you might catch a glimpse of the distant Blackwater Estuary National Nature Reserve to the south east.

Feering (Essex)

Take life higher on a stunning Essex balloon ride experience and enjoy breath-taking views across this spectacular county. Go up, up and away into blue skies from the pretty village of…

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From the Chelmsford launch site, take off amidst the picturesque scenery with views of the historic Hylands House to the west and the Hanningfield Reservoir to the south.


Beautiful Essex landscapes await when you take to the skies for a stunning Chelmsford hot air balloon ride adventure. Go up, up and away on the airborne experience of a lifetime and enjoy…

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At the Brentwood launch site, embark on an airborne adventure of a lifetime amidst stunning historic sites like Ingatestone Hall, set against the backdrop of Essex's picturesque landscapes.


Enjoy the experience of a lifetime when you take to the skies for an unforgettable Essex hot air balloon ride from Brentwood. Appreciate the beauty of eastern England on your flight as you…

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At the Gosfield launch site, embark on your hot air balloon adventure surrounded by the serene beauty of Essex's countryside.


Gosfield, nestled in the heart of Essex, is an enchanting launch site for your Virgin hot air balloon adventure. Departing from the picturesque village, you'll soar over a landscape rich…

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At the Colchester launch site, embark on your hot air balloon adventure amidst the historic charm of Colchester, with views possibly including the iconic Colchester Castle and the Roman Circus Centre.


Go up, up and away from one of the oldest Roman towns in Britain on an unforgettable Colchester hot air balloon ride. Take life higher and hop on board our majestic big red balloon for an…

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Balloon Rides Near Essex

Situated approximately 16 miles to the west of Essex, Welwyn Garden City (Hatfield House) serves as a convenient launch site for hot air balloon adventures, easily accessible within travel distance from Essex. Offering picturesque views of the surrounding countryside and possibly glimpses of historic landmarks like Hatfield House, it provides an ideal starting point for a memorable balloon ride experience.

Welwyn Garden City (Hatfield House)

The stunning Hatfield House is the setting for a glorious Hertfordshire hot air balloon ride. Experience the skies and enjoy unforgettable panoramic views on the airborne adventure of a…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these flight vouchers only valid for the Essex region?

No, Virgin Balloon Flights Vouchers are valid nationwide – simply purchase your balloon ride vouchers and you will be able to book at over 100 launch sites nationwide.

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