Before ballooning Robert was educated in Norfolk and attended the local agricultural college at Easton. He then looked after the family farm and a local dairy farm before serving 12 years in the Royal Anglian Regiment leaving as an Infantry Company Commander.

"In 1990 I spotted a hot air balloon over Norwich and I knew at that moment I had to get up there and get a piece of the action. I started flying in 1991 with a local instructor by the name of Thomas-Holt-Wilson. A very talented pilot and it is him I can thank for passing his knowledge to me."

Robert's commercial ballooning started with flying the Eastern Electric Balloon which he describes as "a wonderful and interesting contract flying most of their corporate clients from builders to car manufacturers" and a "very enjoyable two years".

He went on to run his own successful passenger rides operation offering balloon flights in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire before joining Virgin Balloon Flights. During his career so far, Robert has flown in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but he still says:

"My favourite place to fly is Norfolk, with 2,000 square miles of diverse geography from the Norfolk Broads to the Breckland Forests, it's a very special county.

Robert lists his interests as spending time with his wonderful wife and two young children, as well as being an active member of the community, currently holding the post as chairman of the parish council.

Join Robert for a balloon flight over Norfolk or Suffolk.