Autumn Activities For Adults and Children

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Autumn is a magical time of year as it lends itself to so many activities and adventures that you won't struggle to find things to do! Winter is typically considered magical, but the difference with Winter is that sometimes it can just be too cold to venture outside, whereas you can still get the odd balmy day in Autumn meaning the skies are the limit for what you can do.

With Autumn, the air gets chillier, the jumpers get thicker and the leaves get crunchier, and so does the type of activity you can do. Many autumnal activities are based around taking advantage of what is left of the longer days and crafts come into their own as it's easier to take advantage of our natural surroundings and start to create!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin picking and carving have gone exponential in the last few years as children and adults alike enjoy the fun of finding the biggest and best pumpkin, hauling it across a field of mud, and then set about hacking something magical out of the spherical beauty!

Pumpkin activities are easily found as farms offering pick-your-own pumpkins or venues offering pumpkin carving can be found all over the UK. A quick search on Facebook events or through the search engines will offer up many locations close to you.

Activities Just For Children:

If you’re looking for activities solely based around children, then thanks to an unlimited supply of natural craft products, you won't be short of things to do!

  • Den building: outdoor play is perfect in Autumn, and making a den is suitable for both toddlers and older children. Have den building competitions to really mix it up with the largest den, the strongest, the most waterproof, or the best den for teddies!
  • Collect conkers: adults and children love conkers and as an adult, it can transport them back to their childhood! The smoothness of the mahogany outside with the silky white inside, ready to be attached to some string to whack your friends' conkers in the traditional game!
  • Fly sycamore helicopters: go hunting for Field Map, Ash Trees, or Sycamore Trees and find the fun little helicopters at the base that, when thrown in the air, will spin like the propellers of a helicopter!
  • Play in the leaves: autumnal leaves are natural beauty at their best as the range of colours is like no manmade colours. Scrunch them, throw them, walk through them, and use them to make beautiful artwork, leaf play will have your children laughing with joy.

Spooky Tea

You can’t think Autumn without thinking Halloween, but if you don’t fancy Trick or Treating, find an alternative way; a spooky outdoor tea party!

Decorate the gardens, woods, or parks with spiderwebs and hide some sweets for them to find, and then have a spooky tea with these Spider Cookies. Other Halloween foods can be Chipolata Sausages for fingers with spaghetti (guts) and cheese swirls can easily be turned into snakes with dried chillies for tongues! Or try making monster eyes with small donuts with gummy circles and chocolate sweets on top!

Stunning Balloon Ride

An ultimate treat for anyone over 7 years old can be an autumnal hot air balloon ride. What better way to take on the new season than with a magical autumn balloon ride?

Enjoy the stunning autumn colours as you drift serenely across the sky, the hardest part will be deciding on which of our 100+ launch sites you’d like to fly from! All of our launch sites are carefully chosen to offer spectacular views at any time of year however, once the leaves start to change, the views they offer are not to be missed!

If you’re tempted to book an autumn hot air balloon ride for yourself or to treat someone special, you can find all of our launch sites on our locations map.

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